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Getting Started with Special Education

So. Many. Questions!

Helping families who are new to the special education world comes with answering a ton of questions. From how to get the ball rolling to what happens if the parents disagree with the school's evaluation, I am happy to help educate parents about the process.

I recently taught a free online six-session bootcamp for parents to learn their rights regarding their child with special needs. I had the forethought to record these sessions, so I will be posting them here. Please like, share, and spread the word to other parents who need to know!

WEEK 1 - My kid isn’t thriving at school. What can I do?

  • How to voice your concern in a way you’ll be heard

  • SBLC meeting

  • Interventions

  • RTI

  • IAP - 504 plans

  • IEP - 1508 evaluation

  • Reconvene the IEP

How do I get an IEP for my child?

  • Child Find - executing a formal request

  • The Evaluation - 60 school days

  • Bulletin 1508

  • Eligibility determination

  • What if I disagree?


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