Dixon, M.Ed.

Your advocate in creating the foundation for a better education.

Jannean Dixon is a special education advocate and instructor with a passion for helping families navigate the school system to secure special education and related services for children with exceptionalities. Originally from the Greater Baton Rouge area, Jannean received her bachelor's degree in Special Education (grades 1-12) and General Education (grades 1-8) from Southeastern Louisiana University in 2006. After graduation, Jannean taught special education in the middle school setting for five years. 


While teaching middle school, Jannean earned her Master's in Education from Louisiana State University in 2010. She also completed certification to become a Certified Reading Specialist. In 2011, Jannean broadened her experience by moving to the elementary school setting and in 2016 celebrated her tenth year as a special education teacher.  


In 2015, Jannean founded Cornerstone Educational Consulting, LLC to be able to expand her role as an advocate for children with special needs. Jannean now navigates, and sometimes fights, the school system to ensure that children with exceptionalities receive the educational opportunities and related services that they need to be able to access the curriculum. 

Jannean contracts with the Louisiana Resource Center for Educators with their alternative teacher certification program as a Special Education Instructor, helping to teach future special education teachers. 


Jannean enjoys reaching a variety of audiences interested in special education. Jannean has published over fifty articles about various topics related to education, special education, and raising children. She has presented recurrently at the Louisiana Council for Exceptional Children Super Conference, the Louisiana Down's Syndrome Awareness Group Annual Conference, Junior League's Opening Doors for Autism event, and the CW Austin Learning Disabilities Conference. Jannean presented nationally in Washington, D.C. at the Council for Exceptional Children's International Headquarters. Jannean provides ongoing parent training for several therapy-based programs in the Baton Rouge area. 


On a personal note, Jannean is the mother of two young children. Upon having her children, she began to really appreciate the unwavering passion to protect and provide that parents feel. It is her goal to help other parents help their children with their educational process.