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Building Your Child's Foundation


Initial Consultation

Not sure about your path to success with your child’s special education or 504 programming? Schedule a consultation to discuss your concerns. At your consultation, Cornerstone Educational Consulting will learn more about your family, your needs, and a brief overview of next steps.


Beginning to End

IEP and 504 meetings can be anxiety-provoking events! There are acronyms, policies, and laws to navigate making it feel like a parent’s voice can get lost in the mix. At Cornerstone Educational Consulting, we are happy to help you advocate for your child during IEP meetings, 504 meetings, Manifestation Determination Reviews, and any other school-based meeting. Before your child’s meeting, we will discuss to what extent you feel comfortable being the voice for your child and to what extent you’d like to let us do the talking. Either way, you can go into the meeting assured that someone is on your side to help you help your child. 


Parent Coaching

Empowering parents by teaching them about their child's educational rights gives parents an edge during the IEP/IAP process. 

Topics for parent education sessions include, but are not limited to:

  • Initial and review evaluations

  • Evaluation waivers

  • IEPs and IAPs

  • Related services and assistive technology

  • Discipline of children with special needs, including suspensions

  • Manifestation determinations

  • Extended School Year Services (ESYS)

  • Compensatory services

  • Placement and setting considerations


IEP/504 IAP Review

A well-formulated IEP implemented with fidelity is the cornerstone of a successful educational experience.


If you aren’t sure if your child’s IEP or 504 IAP is as robust as it could be, submit it for review. Cornerstone Educational Consulting will review the documents, analyze for alignment with the evaluation, and make recommendations for strengthening the document and/or services provided to the student.

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