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How Long Does an IEP Last? What if I Need HELP!?

“How long does an IEP last?”

An IEP is valid for one calendar year. However, the parent or school can request an IEP review at any point during the year: if the student’s needs have changed, or if the IEP needs to be amended. If the IEP is amended, the original expiration date remains in effect. If the IEP is completely re-done, a new expiration date will take effect.

“What do I do if I need help?”

If you feel that you would like an experienced voice to help your family navigate the world of special education, contact a service such as Cornerstone Educational Consulting. As a veteran teacher and special education advocate, I have found parents often want to be more involved in the process, but don't understand how to make their voices heard. That is why I started Cornerstone Educational Consulting - to help educate parents on how they can be better informed and a more integral part of their child’s educational team. As a parent of two children ages three and five, I truly understand that your child is the center of your world! Please visit, email me at or reach out via phone at 225-931-8560 for more information on how I can help.

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