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To Agree or Disagree with Pupil Appraisal?

"What can I do if I don’t agree with the Pupil Appraisal evaluation?”

If you do not agree with the Pupil Appraisal evaluation, you can request an Independent Educational Evaluation (IEE) at public expense. Your Local Education Agency (LEA) must either provide the IEE or file a due process complaint to request a hearing to show that the Pupil Appraisal evaluation is appropriate.

“My child was found eligible for special education services, and

I agree with the Pupil Appraisal Evaluation. Now what will happen?”

Once your child is found eligible for special education services, an IEP meeting must be conducted. An IEP is an Individual Education Program that is specially designed to meet the needs of your child.

IEPs include all of the services that your child needs to access curriculum. All of your child’s needs will be considered, including but not limited to accommodations and/or modifications to curriculum; therapies such as occupational, speech, and physical; health needs; communication needs; behavioral supports; and transportation.

For more information about the parts of an IEP, stay tuned to my next blog!

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